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Why You Should Be Involved

The Sleep Health & Wellbeing Expo will provide a platform for you to interact with professionals, researchers, and consumers ​in the sleep, and allied health care and lifestyle industries. This will enable you to keep them informed of the latest product and service advancements and industry trends. Together with national and possible international based speaker information sessions, excellent venue and facilities, the expo will provide a valuable and unique environment for networking with attendees and decision makers. 

Who Should Exhibit?

Sleep Disorder and Sleep Health Industry
Showcase your products and services directly to health care professionals and end users. 

Other health organisations and community services

Sleep disorders and the impact of poor sleep health are often associated with other medical conditions and disabilities including diabetes, heart and lung disease, Down syndrome, and blindness. They can also have a significant impact on the people that care for people with chronic illness and disability. Reach people in your community and help them with their sleep health and overall wellbeing.

This is a great environment for nutritional and specialist diet services, and suppliers of healthy food to reach consumers and other health care professionals to help them understand the value of good nutrition for overall wellbeing. 

Exercise and Fitness

Lack of exercise and obesity can contribute to poor sleep and can also make sleep disorders worse or harder to manage. Exercise physiologists play an important role in helping to treat health conditions and enhance a person’s overall health and wellbeing. Reach people that need your help to get motivated and to stay active. 


You're only as healthy as your mind. We know that a healthy body is crucial to lifelong wellbeing but how many people know that it’s just as important that we work on mental wellness? Reach people that need your help to better understand how to achieve good mental wellness and how to maintain it. 

Many people don't understand how psychologists can help people achieve and maintain good sleep health. Help educate medical professionals and the public about the important part you play in treating and managing sleep disorders and sleep problems. 

This is a great opportunity to showcase products and services including vitamins, preventative medicine, health promotion, wellness, and medical clinics.

The interest in the benefits of good sleep health and the part it plays in overall good health and wellbeing has never been so great. There is now a huge demand for professional training in sleep health and allied health care services. The Sleep Health & Wellbeing Expo provides a perfect environment for educational institutions to showcase their approach to positive education.

Interested in partnering with the Expo?

The Sleep Health & Wellbeing Expo is a truly unique opportunity to associate your brand with businesses and other industry leaders who share your focus and passion about the importance of improving sleep health and wellbeing. Contact us for an Exhibition and  Sponsorship Prospectus now! 

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